Monday, May 31, 2010

What is the real reason Ginny Maziarka is so upset with St. Joseph's Hospital?

Any guesses? Kind of a tangent for her. Who cares that a private company raised their prices? If you don't like their price for a gastric bypass you can go someplace else, right? You know, free market and all that?

here to read the full fear.

If West Bend kids do yoga, the terrorists have totally kicked our asses!

Here we go. In this post, local West Bend know-it-all Mary Weigand shows her complete lack of understanding of Yoga. Maybe she and her bff would benefit from a class or two? And why is she asking this question online? Can't she just roll over and ask David? Seriously, if this went down while David was on the school board you can bet your Big Mac I'm going to hold him accountable at the next board meeting. And I'm going to video it and put it on YouTube. Seriously.


"I just wonder why a public school would incorporate Yoga
into an activity held at school. Yoga is deeply rooted in
Hinduism-isn't that a religion? Who authorized this?
What does this have to do with public education?
What were the parents told about the Yoga (and drumming?)?
This was many of the girls' FIRST YOGA EXPERIENCE!
The schools have engaged in proselytizing, using our kids as
the prize."

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