Thursday, July 29, 2010

What's New in West Bend Schools - Uncensored

Here it is.

I started with her funniest post to date, the one about the evils of yoga. To be honest Mary Weignad's blog is pretty dull and boring so I'm not sure how far this will go. Time will tell I guess.

From today on I'll add her posts as she does.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Do we need a "What's New in West Bend Schools - Uncensored"?

In addition to not stating anyplace on her blog that she shares a bed with a member of the school board, Mary Weigand doesn't allow comments from people she doesn't like. I've never left a disrespectful comment - yet she never approves them.

Should I start an "uncensored" version of her blog - in the grand tradition of "WISSUP - Uncensored"? Or is her blog so worthless that it isn't really needed? Let me know what you think.

Read her fear here.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Wait... so Weigand and Marquardt voted to waste our money on the pool?!??!!!

I'm going to patiently watch here and here for the outrage that is SURE to be forthcoming.

Or should I not hold my breath?

Incivility vs. Disagreement

Interesting Opinion page in the paper today. On the one side you have a letter from Kathleen Roecker addressing the issue of incivility in West Bend politics as of late, served up hot and fresh courtesy of Ginny Maziarka, Owen Robinson, Mary Weigand and the commentators over at Boots and Sabers, among others. You won't do exactly as I say? Well then you are a gay-porn loving liberal who isn't listening to the honest taxpayer of West Bend.

On the other side you have a column by Owen Robinson where he, in typical Belling style, twists the original issue of the lack of civility into making the argument that liberal incumbents simply can't put up with people who calmly disagree with them.


Thursday, July 8, 2010

Friends don't let friends listen to Belling

I've been listening to Belling since 1991. I used to agree with most of what he said, now I'm appalled by most of what he says. I'm pretty sure he is the one who has changed, not me. These days I listen purely for entertainment purposes and recently I've started a post-it on my computer monitor where I keep track of when Mark doesn't use straw man arguments.

Totally rational conservative friends of mine have shaken their finger at me, gotten all upset and called me "you liberal!" when I told them I think gays should have the right to get married. Why? I guess I chalk it up to the fact that they listen to too much Belling. According to him if you like mass-transit you are a liberal. Pro gay-marriage? Liberal. Don't think Earth was created 12,000 years ago? Liberal. Think young adult fiction with gay characters is ok? Stinking commie tree-hugging liberal. Huh? Listen to his garbage long enough and literally EVERYONE (minus someone like Owen Robinson I suppose) is a liberal. And once you are tagged a liberal on ANY issue, you are instantly a liberal on ALL issues. Think gays should be able to marry? Well then you must be a shill for MPS and the evil teachers union. Like tofu? Well then obviously you are a liberal and all liberals want to abort as many babies as possible!!!

This didn't bother me in the past, but man, when you have lifelong friends who don't talk to you anymore just because you don't think straight people should have the exclusive right to get divorced 50% of the time it kind of gets to me.

Ok, I'm done.

Dear Mary Weigand

Why do you never approve my comments on your blog? They are respectful. Sometimes I only leave a link to this blog. You have never approved even one of them.

Why are you afraid?

To Ginny and Belling, everyone who disagrees with you is a liberal

Wow, check this out.

I don't even know what to say about this kind of stuff anymore. How do these "conservatives" go on with their lives when they are scared shitless by the "liberal boogyman" every day?