Tuesday, May 24, 2011

A double whammy!

Dave/Ginny/Mary/Tim/Randy got served in the paper today!  The cover photo shows a sign made by one of the marchers last weekend that brilliantly manages to shut down all the homophobic arguments made by the homophobic school board members in less than 100 words.

Next up is a fantastic Letter to the Editor by Mark Maley check it out here, it is a must read!

Friday, May 20, 2011

Does anyone know what Ginny Maziarka (and Mary Weigand) is (are) talking about?

I've tried reading through this 3 times and I still don't understand what local homophobe Ginny Maziarka is trying to say.  Do you?  Click here to give it a shot.

UPDATE - Ah, I just realized that Ginny's post is just highlights cut and pasted from an even longer rambling post on Mary Weigand's blog.  Mary Weignad, as in the wife of School Board Member Dave Weigand.  It's a good thing Ginny and Mary are so unorganized and hard to understand - if they had their shit together they might actually be dangerous.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The leader of the Baptist cabal speaks

There is a front page story in the paper today on the GSA controversy.  In it, for some unknown reason, Rev. Bruce Dunford form First Baptist Church is quoted.  Here is that part of the story:

"The Rev. Bruce Dunford of First Baptist Church has urged people in the community to express support for the school board members who voted against the Gay-Straight Alliance.

'A club of that nature, I don't think is an appropriate venue for school sponsorship,' Dunsford said.  He said he has received several e-mails in support of his position on the issue.  'The school board members took a stand that I knew was going to be difficult given the militancy of some of those involved in trying to promote that club.'

He said he believes everyone would agree bullying and bogotry is wrong, but there is a morality that needs to be considered.

'I am not saying that this GSA is a club that is trying to engage in illicit sexual activity, but the whole nature of sexual activity in the high school is not something that our children need more peer pressure with or enticement in to,' Dunford said.  'Our kids need the moral value of integrity of respecting one another and respecting their own bodies.'"

Wow.  Can we officially call Rev. Bruce Dunford, Ginny Maziarka, Tim Stephanski, Dave & Mary Weigand and Randy Marquardt the core members of a West Bend cult?  What on earth would have their charter school been like, had it been approved?  Bruce - if you want a school, just open one up.  If there is demand in the West Bend market for what you are teaching Im sure you will be successful.  Dave/Mary/Ginny - Don't you homeschool?  I'd respect your opinions on all this a bit more if you actually enrolled your kids in the very institutions you seek to control.  Tim - why are you aligning yourself with these folks?

So many questions...

Saturday, May 14, 2011

I couldn't have said it better myself!

Three excellent letters to the editor in the paper today in response to the events unfolding around the decision by Randy Marquardt (of Speciality Engineering Group, LLC), Dave Weigand and Tim Stephanski (of Custom Service Hardware) to tell the members of the GSA to "stay at the back of the bus".

Read the letters here.

Friday, May 13, 2011

A robust fisking of Randy Marquardt

You really can't make this stuff up!  There was a story in the paper today about the GSA filing suit against the District.  The last few paragraphs include some pretty revealing quotes by new Board President Randy Marquardt.  From the story:

"School Board President Randy Marquardt said part of his objection was the GSA's tactics, which he characterized as threatening.  'I don't see any discrimination,' he said.  'They are allowed to have a club just like everyone else.  But if you come to the board looking for our endorsement, we are not going to endorse something that is against our views.'  Marquardt said the Board will sit down with administrators and the district's attorney to determine what happens next.  'It didn't need to come to this,' he said."

1) Part of your objection was due to the GSA's "tactics"?  What on earth on were their "tactics"?  They wanted to be recognized like other clubs, you and your fellow Christian board members voted them down because you have a fear of gay people.  Now they are suing.  I think you are confusing their "tactics" with the "consequences" the taxpayers of West Bend will face as a result of you trying to impose your religious views on them.

2) Randy, they aren't allowed to have a club, as you say, "just like everyone else".  That is the entire issue here.  They aren't allowed the basics that other clubs are allowed, which include, as I understand it, the ability to make announcements over the PA, post on bulletin boards, meet on HS property, be allowed to raise funds for club activities or have a page in the year book.  Your comment is at best uninformed and at worst a willing attempt to mislead - neither of which are acceptable coming from the President of the School Board.

3) "They are allowed to have a club just like everyone else".  Sure Randy, just like blacks in the south could take the bus just like everyone else... except that they had to sit in the back.
4) Your personal "views" on the GSA should be irrevelent.  If you personally hate the Theater, would you not approve of the Drama Club?

5) I agree Randy, it didn't need to come to this.  It's a shame you decided to take this the litigation route.  Or is this just practice for when you and Dave try to get creationism introduced into the science curriculum?

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Welcome Dan Savage in to the mix!

In looking at the stats for this site (it's BLOWN UP since last night) I noticed that the one and only Dan Savage is on top of this!  You may know Dan from the *brilliant* "It Get's Better" campaign.  Prepare for West Bend to again enter the national spotlight, thanks to our local Christian homophobes - Ginny Maziarka, Dave Weigand, Tim Stephanski and Randy Marquardt.


Monday, May 9, 2011

You get what you vote for

Congratulations West Bend!  Your three self-proclamed "fiscal conservative" school board members just decided to have the district incur needless litigation costs after voting down the GSA application for official status... despite meeting all the club criteria as established by the board.  Add these three to the list of good, Christian homophobes:  Dave Weigand, Tim Stephanski and Randy Marquardt.

Stay classy West Bend!

Keeping up with Ginny Maziarka

For those of you who are first hearing about Ginny Maziarka, here are two blogs that can get you up to speed on her bigotry.  Read the posts and comments backwards if you want to fully grasp how nuts she is:

Sleepless in West Bend - Chronicles Ginny's Library and related follies from April thru September of 2009.
WISSUP - Uncensored - Created by the same person as Sleepless, and was a post-for-post copy of Ginny's WISSUP blog as a place for people to actually comment on what Ginny wrote, once Ginny stopped allowing comments herself.
GinnyMaziarka.com - This has pointed to some pretty funny places in the past.  Currently is points back to her own blog.

Why is Ginny Maziarka so afraid of gays?

The latest incarnation of Ginny Maziarka's homophobia is her crusade against the GSA being granted official club status at the high schools.

Head over here to read her nearly incomprehensible rant.  Ginny, why is when you organize people to attend a meeting they are called "taxpayers", but when someone who isn't afraid of "the gay" does the same,  the people are a "mob"?

Nice work on posting screenshots from Facebook!  How can you be sure that Shana's page wasn't hacked though?  :)

I'm back.

Thanks to those of you who have sent nice notes asking where I have been.  Truth be told, I took a bit of time off because I needed a break from all the hate in West Bend.  Honestly, keeping up with Ginny, Mary and their ilk is pretty depressing.  From here on out I will try to at least put up a post to allow people to comment.... because we all know Ginny doesn't allow comments on her blog.

Here is a photo of local tea party, creationist, ultra right-wing nutjob radicals Ginny Maziarka and Mary Weigand from the cover of the West Bend, Wisconsin daily newspaper.  Ginny and Mary got their undies in a bunch because a local police officer didn't bend over and kiss her ass while she was having people sign a thank you card (seriously?) to Glenn Grothman: