Friday, May 13, 2011

A robust fisking of Randy Marquardt

You really can't make this stuff up!  There was a story in the paper today about the GSA filing suit against the District.  The last few paragraphs include some pretty revealing quotes by new Board President Randy Marquardt.  From the story:

"School Board President Randy Marquardt said part of his objection was the GSA's tactics, which he characterized as threatening.  'I don't see any discrimination,' he said.  'They are allowed to have a club just like everyone else.  But if you come to the board looking for our endorsement, we are not going to endorse something that is against our views.'  Marquardt said the Board will sit down with administrators and the district's attorney to determine what happens next.  'It didn't need to come to this,' he said."

1) Part of your objection was due to the GSA's "tactics"?  What on earth on were their "tactics"?  They wanted to be recognized like other clubs, you and your fellow Christian board members voted them down because you have a fear of gay people.  Now they are suing.  I think you are confusing their "tactics" with the "consequences" the taxpayers of West Bend will face as a result of you trying to impose your religious views on them.

2) Randy, they aren't allowed to have a club, as you say, "just like everyone else".  That is the entire issue here.  They aren't allowed the basics that other clubs are allowed, which include, as I understand it, the ability to make announcements over the PA, post on bulletin boards, meet on HS property, be allowed to raise funds for club activities or have a page in the year book.  Your comment is at best uninformed and at worst a willing attempt to mislead - neither of which are acceptable coming from the President of the School Board.

3) "They are allowed to have a club just like everyone else".  Sure Randy, just like blacks in the south could take the bus just like everyone else... except that they had to sit in the back.
4) Your personal "views" on the GSA should be irrevelent.  If you personally hate the Theater, would you not approve of the Drama Club?

5) I agree Randy, it didn't need to come to this.  It's a shame you decided to take this the litigation route.  Or is this just practice for when you and Dave try to get creationism introduced into the science curriculum?


  1. Welcome back!! Perfect timing. Can you post a link to the story please? Thanks.

  2. Thanks for this blog! It is comforting to kmow that GSA has supporters and the outpouring of support has been fabulous. The letters to the editor have been great. The facebook posts have been great. If anyone hasn't already, we have a few ways for people to support these kids: Safe Space for Washington County Group, Supporters of West Bend GSA (both on facebook). You can also email me and I can pass on letters to the kids

    I am one of the co-advisors of GSA, Shana Schloemer. We REALLY appreciate the letters to school board members and newspapers pointing out the unnflinching bigotry.

  3. Thank you Randy Marquardt for being considerate enough to continue opening your mouth in public forums. Having your enlightened 'viewpoints' on record can only strengthen the GSA lawsuit.I personally think wrestling is gross & makes the locker rooms smell funny...should I be encouraged to spend hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars to ban wrestling from the high schools? Oh wait, I was not elected on a promise of conservative spending to serve the best interests of my constituents. I don't have a platform to waste taxpayer money on promoting my 'viewpoints'.