Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The leader of the Baptist cabal speaks

There is a front page story in the paper today on the GSA controversy.  In it, for some unknown reason, Rev. Bruce Dunford form First Baptist Church is quoted.  Here is that part of the story:

"The Rev. Bruce Dunford of First Baptist Church has urged people in the community to express support for the school board members who voted against the Gay-Straight Alliance.

'A club of that nature, I don't think is an appropriate venue for school sponsorship,' Dunsford said.  He said he has received several e-mails in support of his position on the issue.  'The school board members took a stand that I knew was going to be difficult given the militancy of some of those involved in trying to promote that club.'

He said he believes everyone would agree bullying and bogotry is wrong, but there is a morality that needs to be considered.

'I am not saying that this GSA is a club that is trying to engage in illicit sexual activity, but the whole nature of sexual activity in the high school is not something that our children need more peer pressure with or enticement in to,' Dunford said.  'Our kids need the moral value of integrity of respecting one another and respecting their own bodies.'"

Wow.  Can we officially call Rev. Bruce Dunford, Ginny Maziarka, Tim Stephanski, Dave & Mary Weigand and Randy Marquardt the core members of a West Bend cult?  What on earth would have their charter school been like, had it been approved?  Bruce - if you want a school, just open one up.  If there is demand in the West Bend market for what you are teaching Im sure you will be successful.  Dave/Mary/Ginny - Don't you homeschool?  I'd respect your opinions on all this a bit more if you actually enrolled your kids in the very institutions you seek to control.  Tim - why are you aligning yourself with these folks?

So many questions...


  1. I agree with you 100%, except for your comment about homeschoolers. I homeschool, but that doesn't make my opinions on school issues any less valid. What happens in our public schools reflects and affects our community as a whole. There are many people who are involved in supporting the GSA who don't currently have any children in West Bend school, and many who have never and will never have children in those schools (like me). Does that make my support of the GSA any less valid?

  2. Hello there.

    I didn't say that if you homeschool your opinion isn't valid. Of course it is. What I don't understand is why a few people who don't have any direct interest in the quality of education in the WBSD have made it their mission for the past few years to get involved to the point of knowingly inviting this lawsuit. They spout their fiscal conservative pap to anyone who will listen, but if you watch their actions, all they are interested in is imposing their moral and religious worldview on us. If Randy/Dave/Tim were fiscal conservatives they would have not voted to deny the GSA legal status. But in their book I suppose God really does come before country.

    Sorry if this doesn't make sense. I just had a huge iced coffee.