Monday, May 9, 2011

You get what you vote for

Congratulations West Bend!  Your three self-proclamed "fiscal conservative" school board members just decided to have the district incur needless litigation costs after voting down the GSA application for official status... despite meeting all the club criteria as established by the board.  Add these three to the list of good, Christian homophobes:  Dave Weigand, Tim Stephanski and Randy Marquardt.

Stay classy West Bend!


  1. Thanks for the intelligent & accurate description of tonight's events...can't wait to view Miss Ginny's distorted version of the same...

  2. I find it interesting that in Ginny Maziarka's post about the board meeting (GSA DENIED....gotta love those all caps!) she discusses what certain board members said (Parks, Beaver, Marquardt, etc.). Yet she does not quote or paraphrase Dave Weigand's comments at all. Could it be that even she realizes how idiotic they were?

    Some if his gems: how does the GSA "recruit" new members, who takes the classes (such as AP Psychology, Sociology, and other classes that were found by the administration to have a curricular tie to the GSA's mission), etc. Who takes high school courses, Dave? High school kids! Kids that need to fill a particular curriculum credit requirement, such as having XX credits in Social Studies, and decide that Sociology sounds like an interesting class! An assortment of different kids with different interests, of different races and ethnic backgrounds, with different opinions!

    What the real question is what kind of people voted for Weigand? Were had they been drinking heavily beforehand? What do they think of his performance, especially after these comments and the fact that, during this same board meeting he was censured (by way of a reminder letter of board member/school district policies) for interfering in a disciplinary matter concerning a student?