Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Ginny Maziarka gets it wrong. Again.

Despite this comment made here on Boots and Sabers (which Dan Kleinman will no doubt claim was not made by Ginny), I am not Jason P.  Or at least I wasn't last time I checked.  You don't do clever well, Ginny:

@Mike:  Fear, and maybe even a little loathing, was instilled by our WEAC friend, Jason. ;) Instead of “kinda odd,” I would look at it as “kinda sad.”  The parochial schools drank the Kool-Aid.  While I expected that from the Catholic Schools, who, in an of their own right, are known for their Saul Alinsky-style money laundering, it was a sad testimony on the part of our other local religious leadership who fell for Penterman’s fire alarm.
Posted by GAMazy on December 15, 2010 at 0315 hrs"

And while we are here - wow Ginny, who DO you like?  That was a pretty harsh attack on Catholics right there.  We know you don't like them, gays, people who don't hate gays...  Should we actually make list?


  1. Did you see Darth Ginny split hairs with Kris Beaver? I know she hates him and the rest of the school board, but come on. Classic DarthG. Don't have a point to make and too much free time on your hands turns into stupid attempts to embarass someone.

  2. Rumor on the street is that a certain leader on the current school board has decided not to run for re-election. I think it would do West Bend proud if Ginny decided to start her public service career by running for the board. Then Ginny and her ilk would have a majority and public education in West Bend would be effed over for good. Come on Ginny, JUST DO IT!!!!!

  3. Ginny opened the freezer and Saul Alinsky fell out. Let's all fall off our chairs and shake with fear. Tomorrow, it'll be Margaret Sanger or that other Marxist, Jane Addams. What an idiot.

    "Darth Ginny".... LOL.