Saturday, December 18, 2010

Ethics complaints & fossilized butter

Wow.  Today's paper is the most interesting they've published in quite some time.

On page one you read about the ethics complaint filed against Dave Weigand and Tim Stephanski for their stance on the proposed charter school.  Then flip back to the opinion page and we are treated to a crazy letter from Dave's wife, Mary, rambling on about how fossilized butter is proof the earth was created 73 years ago.  I think I'm gonna clip the articles along with the masthead and have it framed!  Beautiful!

Today's paper also taught me that it doesn't take a year and a half to file an ethics complaint.  Ginny, where all the "numerous" ethics complaints you had planned for everyone on the library board who disagreed with you?


  1. And with the repeal of don't ask, don't tell, I imagine several of the members of this community are rolled up in a fetal position today.

  2. Just had the chance to read Mary's letter to the paper. My first thought was, "So, that's what it is like to be batshit crazy." Then I thought that's not fair, but then again I have no other way to view her. Doesn't she ralize that every time she says things like this she just makes herself and her fringe group seem a little more wacked out? Oh well to each their own. I just wish that she and Darth Ginny would stop trying to tell us how to live our lives.

  3. Randy Marquardt is really starting to piss me off. In his "Guest View" in the paper this morning he tries to paint people who opposed the Crossroads plan as being against charter schools in general. Which of course they aren't. They are just against bad proposals. Like the Crossroads proposal. Show me a good proposal and I'd support it.

  4. that guest view was just one long pandoring diatribe. Randy owes his election to the people that were in favor of the charter and that Melchert that was the "consultant" for the charter. He blogged in favor of Randy as well as Dave W and Tim Stepanski.

    Those people are going to try to contiunually paint the charter issue as an us vs. them or win vs. Loss idea. It was neither. It was a bad idea that was never proven. if and when Dunford evr gets his ducks in a row he can bring the idea back.

  5. You must be getting to the knucle draggers at B&S because they mentioned your blog today. Interesting.