Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Mary & Dave Weigand got served!

Clearly the people of West Bend aren't as dumb as Mary & Dave Weigand think we are.  From the paper today:

Misinformation of fossilization should raise education concerns

 Here’s a quiz. Which one of these modern items has been found fossilized? 

    1. A hat
    2. Butter
    3. A boot with partial foot
    4. A ham
    5. A bag of flour
    Answer: NONE OF THEM. Mary Weigand erroneously claimed these items have been found fossilized. Fossilization occurs when minerals replace the original organic material. The items above are examples of concretion or calcification. This is where the original organic material remains and is only covered with minerals leached from surrounding strata by water. This is similar to the calcium build up on your faucet. Mary should check the validity of her creationist sources by going to www.talkorigins.org to debunk this and other creationist canards.
    The overwhelming evidence for the theory of evolution is not at all dependent on how fast or slow fossils form. This is a straw man argument. The evidence for evolution spans many disciplines from genetics to paleontology to embryology and beyond. Evolution is the foundation of all the life sciences that we use today. Try Jerry A. Coyne’s book “Why Evolution is True” for a comprehensive explanation of the evidence for evolution. Creationism has no scientific evidence in its favor and must rely on fallacious arguments like the 
one above to trick people into believing in it.
    We should be concerned that West Bend School Board member Dave Weigand, Mary’s husband, shares these fundamentalist ideological views. One might think that his recent support for Pastor Bruce Dunford’s charter school proposal was based on his personal relationship with his clergyman or his religious ideology and not on the betterment of the schools of West Bend. It would be unfortunate if Dave would, so easily, cast away his vaunted fiscally conservative values in favor of a constitutionally dubious, financially reckless and unproven religious charter school proposal.
    Joseph A. Palma, West Bend


  1. Joe Palma swings for the fence and hits it out of the park. Well done Joe.

    Darth Mary and Darth Ginny are you litening? You must be I can hear the seething from miles away. It must hurt when someone calls you on your own material and schools you so badly.

  2. Just caught this in the paper today. Really great ! I'm working on a 2-3 part opinion piece for the daily news myself. Can't stand 3 members of this church are on the school board, how is this not an ethics violation or grounds for termination ?!?!

    Besides the fact that Creationism is a smear campaign of the insane neocons to get rid of intellectualism and ACTUAL education.

    I've got a group of 50,000 people, the ACLU and Freedom From Religion Foundation on hold in case this Charter School BS is brought up again...

  3. Can't be terminated, but can be recalled. Let's start a campaign.

  4. send me an email or post on my blog. I've got a loose set of people to set up for weekly/bi-weekly meetings.