Thursday, January 6, 2011

Mary Weigand strikes again

Sad letter from Mary Weigand in the paper today.  She must realize she has very little support because she resorts to the old Mark Belling standby (it's like the Green Bay Packers power sweep - you know it's coming and there is nothing you can do about it) of attempting to paint this as a liberal vs. conservative issue, when of course, it isn't.  

Most of my friends are conservative (true!) and they think Pastor Dunsford's charter school - as proposed - was not a good idea.  

Mary, it's not liberals who think you are crazy.  It's people with brains.

It was nice to see a letter right after Mary's that again calls her and the whole crew behind this proposal out for what they are trying to do.

Read the letter here:

  I’m always amused how liberals respond when conservatives make their views known or become involved in public policy. After reading Joseph Palma’s editorial I’m as convinced as ever that liberals are closed-minded and will stop at nothing to misinform in order to advance their ideas. 
    My recent editorial stated that several modern items have been found “permineralized (in other words as fossils in rock form),” a true statement. I know it is surprising, given that we’re always told it takes millions of years for that process to occur.
    Palma also might not know that fresh, unfossilized dinosaur bones have been found in the Western United States. Even evolutionists say they couldn’t have survived in that state for 70 million years. These bones have soft tissue inside, while being permineralized on the outside.
    A Google search will bring up articles on the subject. Crocks of butter in bogs in Ireland have been found in the same condition-soft on the inside, yet rock hard on the outside. 

    Science is about facts, not about presuppositions. I can’t help it if the facts undermine the evolutionary paradigm. These facts don’t fit in with the conclusions evolutionists draw from paleontology and are food for thought.
    Palma must not know either about the fraud of Haekel’s embryos as “evidence for evolution.” This is slowly being corrected in science texts, but still the lie lingers in some people’s minds.
    Now to the real reason for his editorial. He is opposed to educational choice for parents and their children. He likes the current school monopoly.
    In reality, tax dollars are supposed to be used for the educational needs of all children in the district. The School Board must take all children into consideration when fulfilling this mission.
    Thankfully, we now have a governor who seems to understands this. 

    Mary P. Weigand Trenton


  1. I have for long time thought that the argument over how the world started is not all that important. ID or Evolution, who really cares? What is most important is that we have a world that needs to be taken care of by its inhabitants. Are we doing the best job possible? Is the water as clean as it could be? How about the air we breath? are we putting short term business interests ahead of long term environmental issues? All questions that are ignored by the god v. science argument. Mary needs to gain perspective. I know she never will, but I hold out hope.

  2. Just read it myself and was glad it was followed by a well reasoned response. I'm working on a reply as well. It's sad she tries to paint lines and finger pointing to blaming others for her own reasoning (or lack there of). It's obvious of her evangelical agenda (being wife of a duh !) and needs to be pointed out as such.

  3. Mary isn't the wife of a pastor. She is the wife of Dave Weigand who is a member of the school board.

  4. Any Mike - I agree. I have no idea why people think evolution flies in the face of their religion. God used evolution to create us, leave it at that.

  5. If you want to see more of what intelligent people are up against in WB go to mary's site.

    Then you will have a much better idea of what goes through the brains of Dave and Mary Wiegand