Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Fun with Tags

Can anyone explain why Ginny felt the need to tag our local YA librarian in this post, which has nothing to do with the West Bend library? Oh right, she is still bitter over what happened 18 months ago.

On another note, it's funny that someone so afraid of what might happen if kids find out about sex has "Deep Throat" on the top of her blog.  WISSUP is no longer safe for children!


  1. because in Darth Ginny's world any connection no matter how flimsy is worth trying to exploit and if she can in a mild way defame someone she will. then defend herself by saying that's not what I meant or just fade into the darkness that is her soul.

  2. Where, o where, has thou been? Ginny makes the front page of the WB Daily News and no post on here? Please don't tell us that you've shut down!