Wednesday, June 30, 2010

A plea for civility indeed

Interesting story in the paper this morning talking about the polarization of West Bend in recent years.
Take a few small-minded folks and give them enough Belling and this is what you get....
people who call everyone who disagrees with them on any subject an "evil liberal" and who refuse to debate any issue.

Can anyone even remember what West Bend was like before Owen, Ginny and Mary
decided they got to speak for all of us?

Read the story here.


  1. The denizens of Boots & Sabers have no sense of irony. Too bad. They immediately started insulting everyone connected with the article; you; elected officials in general; liberals; etc. The comments were venomous and mostly anonymous, which is exactly what the article was pointing out. They view courtesy and civility as weakness, not a virtue.

  2. Truth be told, I can only bring myself to root around Boots & Sabers every other week or so. Other than ones by Charlie Hillman (who seems to be a level-headed guy) the comments are mostly left by a bunch of dolts on both sides. Owen's in-depth "commentary" generally consists of some variant of "Wow" or "Huh". It's basically a local version of the Drudge Report with comments. Pretty useless, unless you are a local "conservative" reactionary who wants to feel like you aren't alone in your beliefs while you are stealing from your boss by checking it every hour at work.

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