Friday, June 11, 2010

Saving $382,910 per year is "minimal" according to Mary Weigand

Excuse me while I try to regain my balance... I thought Mary and the CSCWC were all about cutting the budget. Did I get that wrong? Remember that open letter to Lynn Corazzi back in March that sent the Boots & Sabers crowd into a tizzy? The letter that called $5,500 in science equipment wasteful? Read it here.

Combining East and West would save $382,910 per year and Mary is against it because it's a "minimal" amount of money? I wonder what her reaction would be if Joe Carlson said that cutting $384k from teacher wages wasn't really worth it because it was such a "minimal" amount.

Am I missing something here? What are these people really after?

Click here to read the full fear.


  1. Her newest comments are just as ridiculous.

  2. That letter on the left side? That's what I thought as I was reading it, but it actually isn't written by Mary. That said, she obviously agrees with it. Would still love to hear her reaction if Joe or Pat called $382k/year not a "real" savings.

  3. She just posted on last nights board meeting. She actually thought that the ideas the board had were good. WTF? Has the end of times come?

    For those of you that were not aware, Mary now attends all of the board meetings and many of the committee meetings. If she can't make it she sends her daughter with a digital recorder. This all started when Dave got through the primary.

  4. Isn't her whole blog just kind of strange? Her lover is on the school board, yet she has some kind of watchdog blog where she doesn't even acknowledge that fact?

    So she sends her daughter to video her father at board meetings? Really?

  5. Actually she just records sound, but it is still strange. she and Ginny are the same when it comes to owning their words. They prefer to make their comments and then run and hide.