Saturday, September 18, 2010

An open letter to Dan Kleinman

Dear Dan,

What is the status of hackergate?


Miss West Bend


  1. You mean Ginny hasn't come out publicly to confirm Dan's story that her account was hacked, and that she didn't actually post that limerick about the mosque?

    I'm shocked. Shocked.

  2. Ginny seems to think that all people are as ignorant as she continues to prove that she is. She thinks if she denies often enough and then goes silent that our collective attentions will wander and forget about her. that might actually work if she were to shut up and stop saying stupid things, but instead she insists on being Ginny about every six months.

    I'm still waiting for the raft of ORR's she promised to send to the library so she could prove all that she said was the gospel truth. Pun somewhat intended.

  3. Mike - Isn't that what the whole timeline was? She mentions lots of ORR's in there. All that work and all she found was the "covert" "bribe" bullcrap. Ginny is just unwilling to believe that people disagree with her on their own... their MUST be a conspiracy involved!

  4. yes, if you disagree with Ginny or Mary Wiegand you are in some sort of conspiracy to corrupt our youth. Worse than that is the fact that these ideas are all driven by a belief that their religious beliefs are superior to anyone else's religious beliefs. Many of the opposition to the school districts harassment policy would drop to their knees and pray in the board meeting room at the school. they would later tell board members that they were praying for their souls.

    So, it would seem that things are never as advertised with Ginny. there is always an alterior motive. Waaait, isn't that the definition of a conspiracy?

  5. I guess all that I learned in Civics class back in the late 60's early 70's has been thrown out, according to Ginny, by Barack - he changed the Declaration of Independence. I didn't know a president could do that.

  6. I saw that. And apparently Ginny is renaming the President. She has "BarakObama" as a tag.

  7. the president ad libs a speech, and misquotes the declaration, and Ginny's a shit storm. go figure.

    she's quite adept at cut/paste into her blog from whatever mailing list she's on.