Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Ginny, I thought you had no problem with homosexuals?

But you just can't resist, can you?

I'm eagerly awaiting Dan Kleinman's comments about how, you know, Ginny's whole crusade has *nothing* to do with homosexuals.


  1. Oh Miss West Bend, it's not about the's about the "pornographic sex acts"! How exactly do pornographic sex acts relate to a suicide prevention line, a Facebook page for Safe Space, and some YA novels and picture books is the question.

    But, you know, for Ginny, "homosexual" and "pornography" are the same.

  2. What's scarier, the fact that God made some people homosexual or Ginny Maziarka roaming the library snapping pictures? Hope she didn't take any of any children... THE CHILDREN!!

  3. I saw this the other day and I am curious to know what GM's response would be: "If the fetus you save is gay, are you still willing to fight for it's rights?"

  4. How can that fetus be gay? It hasn't had the chance to be indoctrinated by the schools or the WB library.

  5. Mike, you had me ROFL!

    Here is what I tried to post over 24 hours ago to WISSUP in response to her blog post. She's obviously not publishing comments in her normal cowardly fashion.

    Naturally, the "H" word and "B" word will be slung my way shortly. (homophobe and bigot) Not so, dear ones. I just have an aversion to pornographic sex acts being shotgunned out to minor children.

    Here's the problem with your claim of supposedly only wanting to protect children from "pornographic sex acts": it would not apply to the things on display that you speak out against in this blog post. The Trevor Project Helpline is a suicide prevention line. If you visit the Trevor Project website, you'll notice it is not only for GLBTQ youth, but for all youth, and that all youth are encouraged to use the resource and, if interested, become involved. Nothing related to "pornographic sex acts."

    Is your argument that all books that at all pertain to GLBTQ (i.e, that have GLBTQ characters or situations) are pornographic? How are the picture books you took photos of pornographic?

    The Safe Space Facebook page certainly does not have any "pornographic sex acts." How exactly does providing information about community resources in the public library equate to exploiting children?

    Continuing to avoid answering these types of questions, as you did during the library challenge, simply makes others believe what you've already hinted at; that you are a homophobe and a bigot, and will stop at nothing to harass the staff of the library and spread your messages of intolerance.

    (end comment to WISSUP)
    Personally, I think she should change that little ribbon with "I Support Speaking English" to "I Support Speaking Bigotry" or something along those lines.

  6. Maria, Maria, Maria! Your hammer's accuracy is astounding! You hit EVERY nail on the head. Ginny loves to incite and spread hate and ignorance and you're right, she will stop at nothing, including harassment. But Danny Boy will attempt to turn the tables and claim those who stand up to the bully are harassing her. She'll NEVER get it because those who doth protest too much .... you know the rest. I wonder if she'll file a complaint with the library board again. Or maybe, she'll challenge Carlson or Beaver for their seat on the school board - if she wins she'll make the FAB FOUR the FAB FIVE.

  7. I also tried to post 2 things on Ginny's blog and she did not post them. I wanted her to post my email more clearly because the photo of my Safe Space for Washington County flyer (facebook) is just not in good resolution. I also pointed out that Trevor Project is for suicide prevention and it is not "advertising" about turning people gay. I also asked for her opinions as to whether I am in danger of becoming European if I read a book about Europe. I would truly like her advice on that one. I am sorta worried because the hair on my armpits is starting to grow.

    Shana Schloemer or Safe Space for Washington County Group on Facebook

  8. Lets see if this works. Everytime I try to post a comment it never lets me.

    GM has contacted the library and requested contact information for the library board. There is a LB meeting Tuesday (tomorrow night) 10/26/10. We'll see if it comes up.