Friday, October 1, 2010

Mary Weigand is back!

She hasn't updated her blog in well over two months, but thank God she is still at it.

From the paper this morning:

Responding to schools’ evolution teachings

Another school year is under way. I’d like to share some thoughts to help parents.
I host a booth at fairs throughout Wisconsin. We educate folks in interpretation of scientific data. Parents come to my booth for help. I hear comments like: “Help! My son is losing his faith because of evolution being taught in school.” and “I’m sick and tired of evolution and millions of years being shoved down my daughter’s throat.”
After my son took biology at East, I began this outreach. He told me kids are confused about creation/ evolution and don’t know where to get answers.
Space allows only a few points:
Don’t confuse small observable changes in plants and animals to mean they change into other organisms. Perhaps we can say, “Microevolution does not mean macroevolution.”
Evolutionists highlight one organism, i.e. daisies or finches. Small variations are shown, but never a new organism. There’s tremendous variation in plants and animals, color, beak size, length of petal, etc. The fairy tale begins when those small changes are extrapolated to mean more than that. A new organism arising from small changes has never been observed and is therefore not scientific.

When “millions of years” language is heard/read, our kids should ask, “Were you (or anyone) there?” After all, science is supposed to be testable, observable, repeatable. One can claim that, “given enough time anything can happen.” But, really? A great deal of faith is needed to believe that. Children in our schools shouldn’t be subject to such unsubstantiated ideas.
Dinosaurs aren’t really a mystery. Evidence of man with dinosaurs includes:
Drawings, clay dinosaur figures, architectural designs, legends, Chinese calendar, and surprisingly to evolutionists, unfossilized T-rex bones uncovered, having soft tissue and red blood cells. Do students learn these facts?
Good resources are: or
Mary Weigand, town of Trenton


  1. "Help! My son is losing his faith because of evolution being taught in school"

    Then your son's faith is weak, if mere mention of evolution causes him to lose it. Perhaps you should work harder at strengthening his faith, and not remove evolution from schools.

    "Evidence of man with dinosaurs includes: Drawings, clay dinosaur figures"

    My nephew likes to draw pictures of dragons, and he has clay figures of monsters, aliens, and Jesus Christ. Does that mean if an anthropologist finds them 500 years from now, those things existed on our plant? And at the same time as we did?


  2. My favorite is:

    "Evidence of man with dinosaurs includes: legends"

  3. Bat shit crazy! her idiot husband is on the school board. god save the WB schools. If you don't vote for Joe Carlson, Todd Miller and other candidates with a brain you will be sorry and your kids will suffer because of it.

    In a side note Dave Wiegand is eligible to be recalled in April of 2011.

  4. "In a side note Dave Wiegand is eligible to be recalled in April of 2011."

    Unfortunately, the idiocy of the wife shouldn't be visited upon the husband.

  5. And the majority of people who went to the polls last April in West Bend voted for him, giving him one of two open seats on the school board? Doesn't say much for the intelligence of Benders. Oh wait, a vote for Dave WAS a vote for intelligent design. Knew there had to be intelligence in there somewhere, because the letter to the editor lacked intelligence.

  6. The idea that parents come to this woman for help is as mind-boggling as it is terrifying.

  7. If Dave continues to push the Charter school idea it will be grounds for recall. may even be a legal conflict of interest. he has been a member of the church from which the pastor who made the application is still in charge.

    Dave is talking about sending tax dollars to a private education. People should be really angry about that.

  8. My understanding of the charter school issue is that a non-instrumental charter school has little, or no accountability to the school district. It hires it's own teachers, sets it's own policies, etc. Don't know if my understanding is correct, but if it is, the West Bend taxpayers will be supporting a school that teaches ethical and moral behavior that is aligned to that particular congregation's theology. And frankly, that's unacceptable and I, as a resident, will scream loud and clear that the district has done the residents a great disservice. Of course, Weigand, the Mrs., and Ginny, along with Owen, will be thrilled if it happens.

  9. db,

    You understand it perfectly. Since my last comment I have come to find out that Tim Stepanski is a member of the same church.

  10. I really need to get your paper.

  11. Why has Ginny been silent about the case of the high school math teacher, now facing bail-jumping charges and more counts of sexual assault of a child? She has said NOTHING on her blog about any of the charges, including the charges in Washington County. Now, let me throw a hypothetical situation out here - if the victim had been a male, all hell would have broken loose. But inconsistency is her middle name - I had a split-second memory lapse there - sorry.

  12. why has Ginny been silent?

    Probably because the district did everything it could and should have done in that case. the really sad thing about that case is that he has been doing this since he was quite young. The people that do this kind of thing are very good at hiding it.

    Makes the case for lifetime incarceration for pedophiles.

  13. Ginny doesn't really care about the welfare of children nearly as much as she cares about harassing gays. That's why.