Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Finally someone who makes sense on the charter school issue

Posted by Charlie Hillman over on B&S:

"This is a parochial Baptist school.
One can make the very legitimate argument that the money should really follow the child and should be able to be used at any parochial school. If that were true, I’d much rather my tax money go to Cabrini, St. John’s, or Holy Angels, who are not only more representative of our community, but also have proven themselves capable of providing a good education at a bargain price.
I also think we don’t need another organization that uses public money but has no accountability to the taxpayers. The governance of this school could not be recalled, unelected, or subjected to open records.
Any chance this can be put to the voters in some sort of referendum?"

If there is a market for a parochial Baptist school, why doesn't the church invest its own money in one? Where are all our CSCWC with their "free market" signs now?


  1. That's what happens when an MIT grad cuts through an Aggie's BS.

  2. The district has now received a letter from the ACLU and the Freedom From Religion Foundation. Thanks Tim and Dave. you will be wasting tax dollars at a rate unseen in the past.