Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Proposed charter school curriculum would include "Intelligent Design"

So here we go. According to the paper "Ted Caucutt, curriculum consultant for Crossroads Academy, said Intelligent Design would also be taught, but only along with other theories of origin...".

Also from the paper today: "Christian themes appear in reading and language arts, as well as social studies... Proposed reading includes "A Certain Small Shepherd" for third graders and "Joel a Boy in Galilee" for seventh graders. Subject matter covered in social studies includes "Religion and the Rise of Christianity," "The Roman Church," and "The Heathens Become Christians" in seventh grade".

I'm sure Ginny will fight to make books by ex-Christians available too, right?


  1. These guys are dangerous and this is just one more reason why. The people of West Bend need to rise up and see this for what it is. An attempt to use public tax dollars for a secular school.

  2. Mike - did you mean to say "An attempt to use public tax dollars for a religious school."? I don't think that Crossroads Academy is anywhere close to a secular school - non-sectarian (and that's a stretch) maybe.

  3. Yes.

    Take a look at B&S and get Owen's view. He gets the money completely wrong.