Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Ginny attacks Holy Angels' principal, Cabrini's reverend and St. John's pastor - all in one post!

If anyone needed further evidence of just how far out on the wacko fringe Ginny is, just click here. Ginny, you realize that if you take out all the West Bend residents who aren't afraid of homosexuals, who don't think gay kids should be bullied, don't think magic should be taught in science class, thinks a charter school proposal shouldn't be a cut-and-paste job and don't think taxpayer dollars should go to a school that teaches magic as fact, you will end up with like, a dozen citizens left, right?

Anyone think maybe her whole blog was hacked in an attempt to make her look like a 9/11 Truther? Dan, can you please ask her? I know she doesn't come here too often ;)

Oh and Ginny, why didn't you post video of Mary Weigand talking last night? I thought I saw you taping her as well. Can you please post it? It was flipping amazing.

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  1. The only person less convincing than Mary was Ted the consultant for the school and the goofy lady from Slinger that has no ties to the community except that she goes to MPTC. So, the MPTC lady rambles for awhile and then tells us that she is in early childhood education and may some day want to work at the school. If I am on the board and or in the Admin. I am writing down her name and blacklisting her for life.

    Wait, the crazy pastor from Sheboygan was there and I honestly thought Ginny or Mary might jump up and say Hallelujah when he finished. He seemed to be working up to something like that as he spoke.

    On a petty and vindictive note. I felt sorry for the buttons on Ginny's sweater. She is one fat broad.