Tuesday, August 24, 2010

As Rush Limbaugh would say, "words mean things"

Ginny sure is into the word "bribe" these days. Too bad she doesn't know what it means. First she took to the local newspaper and accused the founder of West Bend Parents for Free Speech of accepting a bribe for simply accepting a $1,000 grant to continue the fight she had already been fighting. See Ginny, a bribe would have been if you paid her $1,000 to stop challenging you.

Today she calls a it a bribe when a woman gives $300 to another woman to be put towards an abortion. Forget the fact that the woman who wanted the abortion already decided to have one when she called asking for the money. Again Ginny, a bribe would have been if you paid the woman $300 not to have the abortion.

"Bribe" is a pretty serious word to be throwing around when you are unclear of its meaning.


  1. Something interesting from Fat Ginny:

    "I did answer your questions. More than once. I feel I was more than thorough.

    No, I am not moving.

    Not any time soon, either."

    She left those two comments over at BS. I find them interesting for two reasons. One, Ginny actually thinks that she is thorough in her answers. If you have ever seen her convoluted logic and you have half a brain you realize that she rarely answers any questions put to her directly let alone in a thorough manner. Two, she answers the questions that have been out there for awhile. She is not moving and that is just one more reason for people to not move to WB.

  2. Why would she have to answer to anyone but God? She does wield the sword of Christian truth - or whatever it was she has on her twitter.

  3. Funny that she stands up for low-income babies who might be aborted, but doesn't support affordable housing such as River Bluff. That makes no sense to me.

  4. Wonder if she understands that to be pro-life means to be against the death penalty and for WIC, and in most cases, welfare and job training to get moms on their feet. I doubt she's "pro" any of it - except to keep the baby. Again, inconsistent as always.