Friday, August 27, 2010

Where would we be without Dan Kleinman?

Our favorite self-promoter & part-time lawyer Dan Kleinman has a post about the recently revived West Bend library issue over on his blog.

Framing this as "Ginny vs. Maria" is just silly.


  1. Wow! Ginny went on a screed about porn or P-O-R-N as she calls it and then allowed a comment that disagreed with her. Is the apocolypse at hand?

  2. That was a BIG post by Maziarka, and the comments from Mr. Averill were allowed, which it would appear, were an even bigger deal. I'm behooved by the fact that Miss West Bend has NOT posted about the PORN post. I hope this isn't another blog that's going to die in the dust. Come on, Miss West Bend, where's the response??