Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Ginny Maziarka's True Colors

***UPDATE: In a break with the past, Ginny actually allowed someone to comment who disagreed with her. As per usual, Ginny's responses to the commenter make no sense at all.***

In case you had any doubt about Ginny Maziarka's true motivation in her whole library folly, her post yesterday over at WISSUP ought to clear it up. Read her post here, then come back....

A few thoughts.

1) Ginny is looking up Kristin Pekoll on Facebook a year after this whole incident? Really? The fact that Dave/Mary are not working fast enough to insert creationism into the curriculum leaving you bored?

2) Ginny, I thought you had no issue with the fact that the YA books had gay characters. Remember how your initial complaint was only about "the gay", but then you changed your tactics and said it was only about sexually explicit material? If that really is the case, why do you care one way or another if Kristin supports the gay community?

3) Why on earth are you still on this train? The library board clearly put the ball back into your court and gave you instructions on how to challenge each book you had a problem with. You have been too lazy to do so. Until then you really have no beef with the library. If anything, the people who supported you have beef with you for not following through on your promises.

4) Speaking for myself, I can say that your bigoted actions have only energized my support for the gay community. Of course I still hold the same beliefs I have for years, but seeing gay friends of mine tormented by people like you has only made me devote more time to defending and supporting them.

5) Ginny, would Jesus hate gays? Maybe yours does, but mine doesn't. My Jesus wouldn't spew hate against people He made in His own image on a blog.

6) Ginny, are you really leaving West Bend? Can you hurry up and make up your mind please?

Totally unrelated, but this never ceases to crack me up. http://ginnymaziarka.com/

I have to get back to work. Any more thoughts? Please leave them in the comments.


  1. She's not allowing any of my questions, which are clear, non-confrontational, and simply ask for clarifications.

  2. Ginny, how do you sleep at night? Seriously?

  3. Well written - brilliant in fact...

  4. I posted a comment today asking Ms. Maziarka to finally answer a question that has been asked of her many times since her book challenge: why, if the challenge was about explicit sexual material in the YA books and not homosexuality, why does she continue to tag the posts with "gayporn"? And if it's wasn't about homosexuality, why would Kristin's personal Facebook connections to organizations dealing with gay rights or to individuals that are gay have anything to do with the library and the challenge? Still waiting for my comment to be posted....

  5. Yeah, surprised she's been publishing my comments so far, but I guess I pushed too hard with the last one.