Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Why are CSCWC in bed with Ginny Maziarka?

Given that most conservatives I know think Ginny is a total nut-job, I wonder why the "Common Sense [sic] Citizens of Washington County" trot her out like a prized racehorse on their "testimonials" page. Do the CSCWC, who I'm sure are otherwise decent folks, really want to lead with a quote by Ginny? Is that really the first impression they want to give? She is the best they've got?


  1. Gotta love the grammar:

    "I joined "CSC" to get unbiased , true information to our local /state / national political system and how it is being manipulated by politicians who do not have the American people and our Constitution in there best interest."

  2. The Maziarkas, along with many other clueless people being used as pawns, make me chuckle when they refer to the "grassroots nature" of their movement:

    Common Sense Citizens of Washington identifies themselves as a Subchapter of Americans for Prosperity on their front page. The Koch brothers founded Americans for Prosperity Foundation.

    Definitely AstroTurf, not grassroots.