Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Ginny Maziarka attempts to rewrite history?

I stumbled upon the West Bend, WI Wikipedia page today and on a whim looked at the history of the edits. For those of you who don't know, anyone can edit Wikipedia. Anyone. Even, apparently, someone who I can only assume is Ginny. A user called "Non-Censor" (a red herring obviously) has only ever made very amateurish edits reflecting Ginny's version of events and has only ever edited the "Library Controversy" section of the "West Bend, WI" entry.

As recently as today, "Non-Censor" changed "in 2009, a controversy arose after a local couple complained about the presence of "homosexual themed books"", to "in 2009, a controversy arose after a local couple complained about the presence of "sexually explicit books"".

Click here to see all the edits made by "Non-Censor". Click on "prev" to compare "Non-Censor"'s edits with what was previously written - you will have hours of fun.

Click here to read Wikipedia smacking down "Non-Censor" for continuing "to blank out or delete portions of page content", including this gem: "This is the last warning you will receive for your disruptive edits. The next time you delete or blank page content or templates from Wikipedia, as you did to West Bend, Wisconsin, you will be blocked from editing."

Why is "Non-Censor" even trying to - literally - rewrite history? As much as "Non-Censor" tries to scrub the internet, the top hit on google for "Ginny Maziarka" will be the Lesbiatopia story "15 Minutes of Stupid: The Continuing Saga of Ginny the Christian Censor Wannabe" for a looooong time.


  1. Not only is she re-writing history, she's re-writing it with punctuation mistakes (Maziarka's should be Maziarkas, since it is not being used in the possessive) and making sure her name/approved links get prominent exposure. I guess the loss of public attention is getting to her?

  2. I just fixed her most recent edit, along with a link to the Daily News story from March 2009 that states:

    "We find the books for youth on homosexuality to be biased, gay-affirming, promotional and romanticized," the Maziarkas said in an e-mail sent to the Daily News. "We believe our library should be offering appropriate, wholesome literature to our youth instead of pursuing the illegitimate goals of transforming the views of other people's children on the contentious issue of homosexuality."

  3. It's interesting to note that "Non-Censor" made no less than 5 attempts to to remove the ENTIRE section about the library controversy between September 20th - 28th 2009. People kept changing back her obviously silly edits, Ginny had a temper tantrum and just thought "If I can't have this the way I want it I'm just going to delete the whole thing!"

    What a baby.

  4. Sorry for all the posts, but Ginny trying to add this is priceless!:

    "In response, area resident Maria Hanrahan, calling for free speech regardless of age and material content, began the group "''West Bend Parents for Free Speech''http://westbendparentsforfreespeech.webs.com/."

    How DARE Maria call for free speech regardless of age!

  5. Oy gewalt.... plus, might I add, a beautiful catch.

  6. "The library board was criticized for ignoring the demands"
    Yeah, criticized by the Maziarkas.

    This is so entertaining.

  7. At least she didn't list herself in the Notable People category!